About Dead Creek Cravings

How I Define My Art
News stories dubbed me as the “Caring Carver“. I have donated sculptures for many types of tragedies in life, trying to help or beautify it, hiding some of the ugliness. I enjoy telling stories through my art. The more powerful or interesting I find the story I am creating art for, the greater the inspiration. Ideas seem to flow through my mind and hands and I do not even realize where they come from.  I love nature and exploring the wilderness. Trying to create the complexities in minerals, vegetation and the animals that inhabit the earth bringing forth emotions for the viewer.

I attempt to express life, movement and emotion in a three dimensional forum. 

Although the canvas, rock or wood usually show me what is hiding there to be discovered; when faced with a particular commissioned piece, the stronger I feel regarding the topic, typically the more emotionally charged the creation.

Being able to define the subject expressing his/her life; a wild animal showing its true nature; the joy and wonderment of a bird soaring through the clouds; all this I know I have made possible and am rewarded when the viewer expresses their emotions.